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A critical element that determines the global competitive position of a country is the quality of academic faculty and experts in its educational institutions. The active presence of scholars who can predict international sociopolitical developments and who can create the strategies appropriate for addressing local as well as global crises is vitally important for our country in particular. The mission of Ibn Haldun University is to contribute to Turkey’s academic potential, and we provide a research environment for faculty and scholars in the making that is conducive to this purpose. This environment is built with the help of social scientists who recognize and utilize the existing wealth of knowledge accumulated in the knowledge base of our civilization.

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Our program is very excited to announce our partnership with the leading educational institutions at various locations in Istanbul. Such an opportunity will provide you with the chance to have “hands-on” experience with what it is really like to be a leader of a great school. Our partners include different school sectors such as public, private and religious, which will provide you with insight on how each sector approaches high quality education based on individualized student needs.

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Our program offers courses at our two campuses
Suleymaniye and Basaksehir
Both locations are set up based on all your needs with experienced staff and the latest technology to help and guide you throughout your academic journey.

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We invite you to work together in a competent university that has a say in the academic world that prioritizes comparative education.

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